11 Eylül 2017 Pazartesi

On Difference and Diversification

Media and Culture

Hi comrade!

We were used to watch some tv series on TV, paying attentions to understand what message outdoor billboards give us, people talking to each other with real words, real gestures and mimics just 5 or 6 years ago. But what now? Where is the media now which we were used to see?

Time is a big deal, for sure. Time stands as a huge means of transformation. Isn’t it? I guess, it really is.  I don’t know why there is great mass of transformation all around the world but I have strongly started thinking that it is not a beneficial transforming in the sense of culture. So why? Before continuing, let’s clarify that what I mean by transformation is not the sense of technology or science or religious thoughts or any political, financial development. I am just going to talk about transformation of cultures. Let’s go on now. So, why? Because people have got used to consume what the west culture try to give us. Vice? technology? Immorality? Or what is the thing the west culture has fed us with? I guess all I counted and more and more of it. They all create our answer. It is really confusing stuff to stop for a moment and thinking about it. However, there is a reality that hits us like a slap. All people around the world try to look like someone, not themselves. We go out and hang out with our besties not to chat, not to share our thoughts, feelings about something in our lives or our happiness; but to make a check in on Facebook, publish a tweet on Twitter, share a photo on Instagram; actually to satisfy our biggy egOs and to say people circling us that I am sociable person, damn!

Over a long run, we have forgotten who we were in the beginning and started behaving “like”, looking “like”, hanging out “like”, chilling out “like” etc. like “someone else does”. I know someone just started whispering out in their mind like “Aren’t you one of them?”. I prefer saying “Hell No!”. At least, I am aware of that and try to spread out what I have been aware of.

On the other hand, we have lost our creativeness by that “vicious circle”. I am stating that term, because It no-efficiently happens all the time in today’s world and will be so in the future, seemingly. It even affects advertising world. We see every piece ads as similar on tv listening on radios witnessing in every mediums of advertising. There is almost no place for uniqueness, creativeness. From that time on, people have to think in exact stereotypes. They can’t overflow the water from the glass. Because Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t do so, for example? Yeah, right.

It is really easy to see cultures loose their uniqueness, differences. They all started looking similar. Diversification decreases. We are all obliged to fit in one shoe. We need to stop it and start thinking different ways, being different worlds, lives. So that we can benefit from our different thoughts about things going on in the world. If you would like to change the world in a serious sense. Do it differently. You can never find a new way to go on which there are some traces.

In final, I would like you to think about an arguable question and to catch your attention about that perceptions on difference and diversification are a way different. Difference is perceived as negative. However, diversification is perceived as positive in, general. I don’t why there is a complexity like that but it is what it is. What would you think about that? You can live as much comment as you want.

Thank you.

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